Sitemap - 2023 - La Befana's Table

Holding Grief & Gratitude

Seeking the (W)Holy in the Face of Every Child

Celebrating My Roots Through Rest

Being brokenhearted, together (Italian style)

Your Words Need a Sacred Place to Land

Ep.41 Courting Convergence: Understanding Family Dynamics for Personal Transformation

Cultural Change from the Inside Out

Ep.40 Building Bridges and Fostering Unity with Rebecca GinaMarie

A Table at the Edge of the Inside

Embrace Your Beautiful Mess: Three Gifts of Authenticity Await 🎁

Ep39: Embracing Grief and Authenticity: A Candid Journey with Dina Gregory

Embracing Impermanence

From Decay to Creation: Decomposing through Writing with Jen Violi

Creating Moments of Love and Belonging

Ep.37 The Art of Sacred Hospitality with Dina Gregory

Embracing Humility and Rising Stronger

Ep.36 A Taste of Herbal Magic with Melissa Laurita Kohl

Embracing Gratitude, A Gift for Ourselves and Each Other

Ep. 35 Exploring Art's Transformative Power in Bridging Communities and Cultures with Tijay Mohammed

Finding Strength in Community

Ep. 34 Rose, Bud, and Thorn- A Mindful Reflection Practice

Food For Thought: Embracing Grief, The Bittersweet Journey of Renewal

Ep. 33 Roots and Renaissance: Art, Devotion, and Healing with Victoria Haf

Food For Thought: Seizing Every Moment, A Reflection on the Precious Gift of Life

Ep. 32 Life is Now: The Joyful Journey of Dance and Humility with Franck Muhel

Food for Thought: Is Perfection Holding You Back?

Ep. 31. Culture on Ice with Irma Cadiz "The Coquito Lady"

EP30: Becoming The Elders We Wish We Had with Elisa Spring

Ep.29 La Danza: Conflict, Passion, and Healing with Anna Harsh

Ep. 28 Healing In Community

A Juneteenth Reflection on Black Joy & Liberation

Ep. 27 The Renaissance Spirit: A Journey with Dr. John "Satchmo" Mannan

Food For Thought: Are We There Yet?

Ep.26 The Wisdom of Folklore & Fairytales with Dr. Gina

Sunday Musings-When it’s all going to πŸ’©

Ep.25 The Transformative Power of Art with Daniel Cascardo

Ep. 24 Exploring Italian American Sculptors and their Impact on Public Art and American Identity with Eduardo Montes Bradley

Sunday Musings: Choosing Rest

Ep. 23 The Grief of Unexpressed Gifts

Ep. 22 Bring Your Grief to the Table

Happy International Dance Day

From Trauma to Triumph

E21: Jazzy Italian with Vanessa Racci

E20- The Gift of Human Embodiment with Dina

Ep. 19 Bridging holiness & playfulness with Gabriel Meyer

Easter Musings

Ep. 18: Novenas For Now with Raylene Abbott

New Episode: The Search for the Sacred Through Theater

Ep. 17 Searching for The Sacred Through Theater Performance with Matt Mitler

New Episode: An Honest Conversation with Dina

Episode 16: An Honest Conversation with Dina

Writing as a Wholly Embodied Act

Ep15: Writing as a Wholly Embodied Act as a Wholly Embodied Being with Jen Violi

Episode 14: Celebrating the Women in Our Midst with Michela Musolino

Ep 14. Celebrating and caring for the women in our midst with Michela Musolino (International Women's Day)

New Episode: Discovering Gifts in the Desert

Ep. 13 Discovering the Gifts of the Desert with Genevieve Anderson

New Episode: Reclaiming Your Space with Tam Orlando

Ep. 12 Clutter Clearing and Reclaiming Your Space with Tam Orlando

I'm Catholic in the Way....

New Episode: When Love Was Simply Love

E11: Is Valentines Day only about love or longing?

Dance As a Form of Expression and Truth

Ep. 10 Dance As a Form of Expression and Truth with Jess Grippo

Holistic Health in Hot Mess Times

Ep. 9 Holistic Health in Hot Mess Times with Sharon Leggio Falchuk

A Tribute to Ms. Geraldine & a Nudge to Create

EP8- A Tribute to Ms. Geraldine

Introducing Table Talk

Growing through the Cracks

EP.7- Earth Centric Ways Of Thinking- Four Keys to go back to your ancestral wisdom with Jenn Campus

Finding Your People in the Dark

Ep. 6 Reconnecting with your Ancestral Roots with Dr. Gina Miele

Launch Party Tonight & A Little Extra Something

La Befana's Table Launch Party

E5- So...You Want Me to Bring My Whole Self to the Table?

E4- Where's My Place?

E3- La Befana & the Art of Sacred Hospitality

E2- The Origin Story of La Befana's Table (PAID EPISODE)

E1- The Story of Italy's Epiphany Witch, According to Dina

One day till launch, some giveaways, and our 1st Befana Extravaganza