May 25 • 37M

Ep. 24 Exploring Italian American Sculptors and their Impact on Public Art and American Identity with Eduardo Montes Bradley

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Dina Gregory
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Today Eduardo Montes Bradley joins me at La Befana’s Table for a conversation exploring Italian American sculptors & their impact on public art & the American identity as well as the stories that help us see the world and our place in it through a larger lens.

Eduardo Montes Bradley is an award-winning filmmaker renowned for his extraordinary biographical portraits of artists, social activists, and scientists. Eduardo's ability to capture the essence of these remarkable individuals and their profound contributions has earned him well-deserved acclaim. Some of his recent works, such as "Daniel Chester French American Sculptor" and "Black Fiddler's," have captivated audiences with their compelling storytelling.

Eduardo Montes Bradley and his son, William

In this episode, we are privileged to delve into Eduardo Montes Bradley's most recent project, a remarkable documentary entitled "The Italian Factor." This thought-provoking film explores the lives and works of Italian American sculptors and their enduring impact on public art and the formation of the American identity. Through his discerning lens, Eduardo brings to light the remarkable stories and artistic achievements of these sculptors, shedding light on their profound influence.

Learn more about Eduardo here.

Watch more of his works here.

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