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Ep. 42 Exploring Food, Culture, and Human Connectivity with Chef JJ

Ep. 42 Exploring Food, Culture, and Human Connectivity with Chef JJ


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After a period of reflection and rest, we are excited to bring you another soul-nourishing conversation, this time with the incredible Chef JJ @chefjjskitchen

Love for cooking

Chef JJ's culinary journey began as therapy for his mind. In the kitchen he found solace in chopping away his worries. His open-mindedness led him to embrace new recipes and unfamiliar ingredients, seeing them as gateways to understanding different cultures. 

Influence and cultural roots

In this episode, Chef JJ talks about his mother's influence on his culinary journey and her traditional Palestinian recipes. He also shares his family background, living in Oman, and his Palestinian roots, expressing his connection to his culture through food.

The Therapeutic and Connective Power of Cooking

We delve into the healing power of cooking and how it helps him stay connected to his roots and the role of food as a form of education & resilience.

Together, we explore the ingredients for a future where there is room for all of us at the table.

🌟 Cultivating Humanity: Chef JJ emphasizes the essential ingredient of humanity in fostering understanding and empathy towards one another. Understanding different perspectives lies at the core of creating a truly inclusive future.

🌟 Open-mindedness and Forgiveness: Through Chef JJ's own experiences and insights, he highlights the transformative power of being open-minded and the importance of forgiveness in paving the way for meaningful conversations and understanding.

🌟 Love and Connection: Chef JJ reminds us that love is an essential ingredient for a harmonious future. Embracing love and nurturing connections with others is vital for building a world that encompasses and uplifts everyone.

Exciting announcement 

Chef JJ is now hosting a series of interactive Middle Eastern cooking classes, where you can learn to prepare delicious and traditional dishes from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Here are the details:

- Chef JJ will guide you through six authentic recipes, including Palestinian and other Middle Eastern cuisines.

- The sessions will be interactive, allowing you to cook alongside Chef JJ or simply watch and learn.

- Prepare to engage in discussions about the history, ingredients, and cultural significance of each dish.

If you're interested in reserving your spot for these special cooking classes, sign up here!!

Connect with Chef JJ:



Thank you for joining us on this enlightening episode of La Befana’s Table!

Stay tuned for more soul-nourishing conversations.

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