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Ep.43 Embracing Love in All Its Forms with Mariana Barcellos

Ep.43 Embracing Love in All Its Forms with Mariana Barcellos


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Yesterday we celebrated Valentine’s Day and love in all of its beautiful manifestations whether it's romantic, platonic, or the love we hold for ourselves and the world around us.

However you spent Valentines day, we have a special treat for you.

An Enchanting Conversation with Mariana Barcellos

In this conversation, we are honored to be joined by Mariana Barcellos, a luminous presence in the world of Brazilian Bossanova.

In our conversation, Mariana shares insights into her latest musical offering, a heartfelt duo that echoes the heartbeat of human and heavenly love, released just in time for Valentine's Day. These songs invite listeners to immerse themselves in the depth of emotion they evoke.

Reflecting on Love's Intricacies

Mariana and I delve deep into the complexities of love, unpacking its layers of passion, commitment, and transformation. Together, we contemplate the profound impact of self-love on our relationships, recognizing the ripple effect it creates in our interactions with others. We discuss the importance of self-awareness and the alignment of celestial forces in nurturing balanced partnerships, and the ongoing challenge of cultivating and sustaining passion and trust.

In an Ocean of Love

We also explore her album Contos do Mar where Mariana embraces the enigmatic allure of the ocean, finding solace and healing in its mysterious depths and the gifts of love the bring.

Key insights include:

- Exploring the Depths of Love: Mariana Barcellos unveils her latest pair of love songs, capturing the essence of human and heavenly love. Her work, inspired by her personal journey and experiences, offers a fresh, compelling perspective on the varied dimensions love encompasses.

- The Ocean's Melody in Healing and Self-Discovery: Mariana reflects on her own album "Contos do Mar," which pays homage to the ocean as a source of healing and a path to finding oneself. She shares her journey through music and how it’s interlaced with her evolving understanding of love and her identity as a singer-songwriter.

- The Soundtrack to Our Soul's Journey: The episode beautifully ties together music, love, self-reflection, and the larger love story of humanity. Mariana emphasizes the substantial role of contemplation and balance in love, mirroring the natural cycles of the sun and moon.

A Table Set with Love

As we conclude our conversation, we invite you to pull up a seat at the table of love. Here, amidst the melodies and musings, we celebrate the boundless capacity of the human heart to love and be loved.

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