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From Decay to Creation: Decomposing through Writing with Jen Violi

From Decay to Creation: Decomposing through Writing with Jen Violi

Welcome back to another episode of La Befana’s Table! I'm thrilled to have you join us today for a conversation that's going to take us on a unique and transformative journey.

If you remember, we had the pleasure of having Jen Violi sit down at La Befana’s Table back in Episode 15. Jen Violi is a remarkable writer, mentor, and facilitator of elemental writing courses. She's the author of the captivating novel "Putting Makeup on Dead People," a finalist for the prestigious Oregon Book Award. Jen has also crafted numerous published essays, short stories, prose poems, and other works of word magic.

Today, we're diving into a new and exciting chapter of Jen's journey – a six-month adventure that will lead us through the heart of fall and winter, exploring the themes of falling apart, decomposing, and ultimately finding renewal in the face of life's natural cycles. This incredible journey is aptly named "Decompose”

Get ready to decompose with Jen Violi as we discuss grief, renewal, and the transformative power of embracing the cycles of life and death.

Important key points that we talked about:

  • The importance of recognizing and embracing the inevitability of death and its significance in our lives

  • The value of embracing the different seasons in one's life and acknowledging the cyclical nature of growth, decay, and rebirth

  • Embracing new stages of life and growth by allowing things to die and transform

  • How vulnerability and authenticity open up portals of connection and empathy

  • The essence of embracing messiness in writing and the invitation it holds

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