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Ep.25 The Transformative Power of Art with Daniel Cascardo

Ep.25 The Transformative Power of Art with Daniel Cascardo


Welcome to another episode of La Befana’s Table!

Today, we have a truly remarkable guest joining us, Daniel Cascardo.

Daniel is a Detroit-based visual artist. His work has been described as a vibrant playground for the senses. Through his art, Daniel transports us to a realm where cultures converge and imagination takes flight.

Award-winning mural in Michigan Ave. Dearborn Starbucks by Daniel Cascardo (photo by Charis Vos)

In this episode, we delve into Daniel's story and discover the transformative power of art in his life. We will learn how he envisions his creations as vessels of emotion and connection, inspiring viewers to contemplate the human experience and embrace the beauty of diversity.

So, grab a seat at La Befana's Table, and let's celebrate the transformative power of art with Daniel Cascardo.

Learn more about Daniel and his art here.

Key points of what we talked about:

2:12 The start of Daniel’s artistic career

5:03 Working with kids and adults with disabilities

12:48 The role of imagination in healing the world

18:39 The negative aspects of imagination

21:58 Being grateful for what you have

25:15 What is a contemplative art practice

Thanks so much for pulling up a seat at La Befana’s Table! 

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