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La Befana's Table
Ep. 34 Rose, Bud, and Thorn- A Mindful Reflection Practice
Ep. 34 Rose, Bud, and Thorn- A Mindful Reflection Practice

Welcome to La Befana’s Table! I'm thrilled to have you here with me on our first Thursday of August solo episode. Today, it's just you and me sitting at the table, having a heart-to-heart chat.

Before we dive into the episode, I want to emphasize that La Befana's Table is more than just a podcast; it’s about building a genuine and supportive community where we can all connect and build meaningful relationships. I truly believe that through these connections, true magic happens, and it's what brought me to this moment of sharing my voice with you.

In this episode, we explore the immense power of community in our lives. It's essential to recognize that even though we celebrate individual achievements, we never truly achieve anything alone. Our growth and development are shaped by the support and love of our community.

So, on the first Thursday of every month, we'll be dedicating our time to nurturing our community and connections. To give you a glimpse of what it's like, we'll be practicing "Rose, Bud, Thorn" in this episode—a mindful reflection tool I learned during my teaching career through a workshop with Mindful Schools.

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Here's how it works and how you can do it:

  • Rose- represents a highlight or success. Share a highlight or success in your life, something that brings joy to your heart

  • Thorn- represents a challenge you’re currently facing. Talk about a challenge you're currently facing, something that's been on your mind lately, or something you need support with.

  • Buds- something you’re looking forward to. Tell us something you're looking forward to, a new opportunity or experience on the horizon.

I truly believe that sharing our joys, challenges, and aspirations in a supportive community can lead to growth and positive transformation.

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La Befana's Table

La Befana's Table

Hosted by Dina Gregory, La Befana’s Table is a place both ancient & new where folks from all walks of life are invited to feast on conversations that nourish the Soul. Guests include artists, poets, trauma informed leaders, community weavers, and everyday people who are utilizing their gifts to make the world a more beautiful place.