Out beyond the ideas wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a table named after an old woman from ancient Italian folklore known for delivering children gifts every Epiphany Eve, I’ll meet you there —Dina

Welcome! My name is Dina. I’m a third generation Italian American writer, speaker, teacher, seeker, and host of La Befana’s Table.

I created La Befana’s Table out of a desire for a place both ancient and new where the whole of me can encounter the whole of you. A place to share our stories, learn from each other’s experiences, engage in meaningful conversations, foster nourishing connections, and have some laughs.

What to Expect:

  • Conversations with artists, poets, culture makers, trauma informed leaders, wise elders, community weavers, and everyday people who are utilizing their gifts to make the world a more just & beautiful place.

  • Letters exploring ancestry, culture, personal history, and societal change

  • Access to our comment section & private chat where you can connect with me & friends of La Befana’s Table

  • Invitations to join both free & paid community conversations, dining experiences, workshops, & retreats both virtually & IRL

While much of the content is available for free, you can support my work in the world by becoming a Friend of La Befana’s Table for $5 a month/$50 a year or a member of the Befanotti Squad for $150

Friends of La Befana’s Table Enjoy:

  • Exclusive access to a talk I did at NYC’s Triad Theater where I first told the story of how a puppet of Italy’s legendary La Befana helped me find healing, hope, and renewal in a time of personal and social upheaval.

  • Access to our monthly virtual Connection Hour held on the first Thursday of every month at 7pm EST

  • Access to paywalled posts & chat threads, and opportunities to guest post

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Members of the Beffanotti Squad Enjoy:

  • All of the above, plus a gift box of La Befana’s Dolcini sent to you in the mail. (US only)

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Hi I’m Dina. I write, speak, teach, & gather folks for conversations & experiences that nourish the Soul