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E21: Jazzy Italian with Vanessa Racci

E21: Jazzy Italian with Vanessa Racci

Welcome back to another episode of La Befana’s Table. 

In honor of Jazz Appreciation Month and Jazz Appreciation Day which is coming up on April 30, I'm sharing a conversation with you with our Jazzy Italian, Vanessa Racci.

Vanessa Racci is a singer, producer and voice teacher with over 25 years of professional performance experience.  She offers a range of shows that span jazz, theatre and Italian American music genres with unique show production, edutainment and a distinct retro image.

In this episode, Vanessa discusses how her Italian roots influence her music music that celebrates Italian American’s contributions to jazz.

She also blesses us with two songs from her current album “Jazzy Italian”!

Learn more about Vanessa and her music here.

Key points of what we talked about:

  • 1:50 A clip of her song “At the Jazz Band Ball”

  • 2:50 Vanessa’s journey to Italian music

  • 5:36 The birth of her first album “Italian Fresca” or Fresh Italian

  • 12:08 Bringing out the Italian American aspect of jazz

  • 17:00 The balance in terms of preserving and sharing

  • 22:53 Vanessa’s incredible rendition of the classic song “Volare”

Thanks so much for pulling up a seat at La Befana’s Table! 

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