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Ep. 10 Dance As a Form of Expression and Truth with Jess Grippo

Ep. 10 Dance As a Form of Expression and Truth with Jess Grippo

Welcome folks to another episode of La Befana’s Table. 

Today, we will be joined by our dear friend, Jess Grippo, who’s a dancer, a creative coach, and the founder of Dance Again.

As you all know, dancing is more than just moving the body. It’s a vehicle of expression. 

In fact, dance has been part of our traditions throughout history. Our ancestors used it to celebrate a new life, mourn, and heal. 

Dance helps us tell a story, express our feelings and emotions, connect with our community, and most importantly, connect with ourselves. 

In this episode, Jess and I are going to talk about her journey to dance again after leaving the competitive world of ballet, the courage it takes to dance with strangers, & discovering the healing drum & dance traditions of our cultural roots

More of what we discussed:

01:22- Get to know Jess

02:35- Dance as a form of expression

07:08- Dance again

10:02- Is the bigger version of you blocking you

11:47- Jess’ journey of going into the dances of her ancestry

14:30- There’s healing in dancing

16:30- The original purpose of dance 

Know more about Jess:

Jess Grippo is a dancer, performance artist, author, and creative coach. 

After leaving the classical ballet path and not dancing for years, she started making her own dance videos, alone in her room. While that habit continues, she’s also added quite a few others: starting up an inclusive, creative dance community online and in NYC (Dance Again), making comedic interpretive dances about her dating life and the menstrual cycle (Hungry  Ovaries), writing a book and video series (Dance With This Book), and supporting others in their creative, expressive unfolding through her coaching practice

Her work has been featured at TEDxNYU, Lincoln Center's Dance On Camera Festival, the New York Comedy Club, The Vagina Monologues opening act, and more. Her puppy Lucy is her only boss and she frequently daydreams of moving into the loft from Flashdance

Connect with Jess:





Other links and resources mentioned:

Dance with this book By Jess Grippo:

Alessandra Belloni:


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